Qi Men Divination

Even without your Birthdate & Birthtime, your fortune and luck could be determined accurately.

Abacus Divination

Abacus Computation is the most powerful tool that could forecast your luck, compute your parents, brothers and Partner's zodiac and their affect in your life. With birth-date and birth-time, plus substantial family information, a "postnatal fortune table"or "the fortune table that reflect the minute-that-you-born " can be identified. With this table, reading could be more accurate than Zei Wei Astrology. It can also compute which zodiac is harmful or helpful to you. Of course, the most valuable information would be: What is my future partner's zodiac would be? Only "Abacus Computation" will answer this question.


Using your birthdate together with the "Fungshui Shooting Star" model to compute a personal setting that will promote your social & fortune luck in your home or in your office. Carpet with different colors, lights, furnishings, plants, fountains, gold coins and pebbles will be used to enhance in-house positive energy.